The Malacozoological Association of Yamaguchi has been reorganized and become "Society for the Study of Molluscan Diversity" from Jan. 1, 2009.

Yamaguchi Prefecture, the west edge of Honshu, is near from Eurasian Continent and surrounded by 3 sea area; Japan sea, Hibiki-nada and Seto inland sea. It boasts of high biological diversity in the land and the sea.
About molluscs, more than 2000 species have been recorded from the surrounding of Yamaguchi, and some of them have never been recorded from other localities.

Let's enjoy the mysterious world of molluscs!

At Tsunoshima Isle., Toyokita, Yamaguchi.
(Aug. 31, 1998)

Specific shellfishes around Yamaguchi.

Ceratia nagashima Fukuda, 2000

This species is recorded only from Nagashima Isle., Kaminoseki, Yamaguchi, despite of all the other species of genus Ceratia occur in Atlantic coast.
Photes: The Yuriyagai 7(2)

(2Å`8) "Yashima-ishin"
Tomura yashima Fukuda et Yamashita, 1997
(9) "Himeshima-ishin"
Tomura himeshima
Fukuda et Yamashita, 1997

These two species belong to family Cornirostridae, recognized as one of the most primitive marine Heterobranchia. They are very important species to clarify the systematic relationship of Gastropoda, but both of them are recorded only from their type localities.
Photes: The Yuriyagai 5(1-2)