The Yuriyagai: J. Malacozool. Ass. Yamaguchi, 6(2). December 1998

Original Articles

Micromollusks of Kiwado, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan - 1. Descriptions of two gastropods: a new cingulopsid (Sorbeoconcha) and an unidentified ebalid (Heterobranchia)

Hiroshi FUKUDA, Yasuhiro NAKAMURA and Hiroyoshi YAMASHITA

Abstract Amongst marine micromollusks from about 10 m depth off Kiwado, northern coast of Yamaguchi Prefecture (Japan Sea), two gastropod species, Eatonina (Eatonina) kitanagato sp. nov. (Sorbeo-concha: Cingulopsidae) and Murchisonella sp. (Heterobranchia: Ebalidae) are described. This is the first formal record of the families Cingulopsidae and Ebalidae from Japan.

Key words: Eatonina kitanagato, Murchisonella, Cingulopsidae, Ebalidae, Gastropoda, new species, micromollusks, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan Sea

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A revision of the family Pyramidellidae (Orthogastropoda: Heterobranchia) of Yamaguchi Prefecture, western Japan - Part 1

Shigeo HORI

Abstract The detailed shell morphology of following six species of the family Pyramidellidae from Yamaguchi Prefecture, here considered significant from the points of view of taxonomy and geographical distribution, is described: Odostomia hirotamurana Nomura, 1938, Brachystomia bipyramidata (Nomura, 1936) (comb. nov.), Chrysallida tribulationis (Hedley, 1909) (comb. nov.), Pyrgulina brenda (A. Adams, 1860), Oscilla tenpeii (Nomura, 1937) (comb. nov.), Os. bosyuensis (Nomura, 1938) (comb. nov.). Soft part morphology and ecological information are also noted for Od. hirotamurana, B. bipyramidata, and Os. tenpeii. This is the first record of C. tribulationis from Japan and B. bipyramidata from the Japan Sea. Od. hirotamurana and Os. bosyuensis are the first re-discovered.

Key words: Pyramidellidae, systematics, morphology, new record, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

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Index and collation of The Molluscan Shells by Katura Oyama and Yoshio Takemura (1957 - 1963)


Abstract An index of The Molluscan Shells by Oyama and Takemura is given with the copyright, date of publication, contents, and errata and corrigenda.

Key words: Mollusca, index, bibliography, taxonomy, Katura Oyama, Yoshio Takemura, Japan

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Brief Communication

A new distribution record of Bullina lineata (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia) from the Japan Sea coast of Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

Shigeo HORI and Yasuhiro NAKAMURA

Abstract Two empty shells of Bullina lineata (Gray, 1825) (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia) were collected from Ôhama, Yuya-chô, Ôtsu-gun, on the Japan Sea coast (Kita-nagato Kaigan Sea) of Yamaguchi Prefecture. This is the first record of this species in Yamaguchi Prefecture and also in the Japan Sea. This species is regarded as one of the tropical Pacific component occurring in the Kita-nagato Kaigan Sea due to the strong influence of the Tsushima warm current.

Key words: Bullina lineata, Bullinidae, biogeography, Tsushima warm current, Japan Sea, Kita-nagato Kaigan Sea, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Yuya-chô

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