The Yuriyagai: J. Malacozool. Ass. Yamaguchi, 7(1). August 1999

Original Articles

Ranellidae, Bursidae and Personidae (Gastropoda: Tonnoidea) of Yamaguchi Prefecture, western Honshû, Japan

Alan G. BEU

Abstract Ranellidae recorded from Yamaguchi Prefecture, western Honshû, are Biplex perca (Perry, 1811), Fusitriton galea Kuroda & Habe in Habe, 1961, Gyrineum natator (Röding, 1798) (new record; actually from Ehime Pref.), Charonia lampas (Linnaeus, 1758) (= sauliae Reeve, 1844; = macilenta Kuroda & Habe in Habe, 1961), Cymatium (Gelegna) succinctum (Linnaeus, 1771), C. (Gutturnium) muricinum (Röding, 1798) (new record), C. (Linatella) cingulatum (Lamarck, 1822) (= caudatum Gmelin, 1791; = cutaceum Lamarck, 1816), C. (Lotoria) grandimaculatum (Reeve, 1844) (new record), C. (Monoplex) comptum (A. Adams, 1855) (new record), C. (Monoplex) exaratum (Reeve, 1844) (= kiiense Sowerby, 1915), C. (Monoplex) mundum (Gould, 1849) (new record), C. (Monoplex) parthenopeum (von Salis Marschlins, 1793) (= echo Kira, 1959), C. (Monoplex) pileare (Linnaeus, 1758), C. (Monoplex) tenuiliratum (Lischke, 1873), C. (Ranularia) caudatum (Gmelin, 1791), C. (Ranularia) dunkeri (Lischke, 1868), C. (Ranularia) pyrum (Linnaeus, 1758), C. (Ranularia) sinense (Reeve, 1844), and C. (Turritriton) labiosum (Wood, 1828). Bursidae recorded are Bursa granularis (Röding, 1798), Bufonaria perelegans Beu, 1987 (new record), B. rana (Linnaeus, 1758) (= albivaricosa Reeve, 1844), and Tutufa (Tutufa) bufo (Röding, 1798). The one species of Personidae recorded is Distorsio reticularis (Linnaeus, 1758). This fauna is important for demonstrating the occurrence of several species on the Japan Sea and Seto Inland Sea coasts well to the north of previous records.

Key words: Ranellidae, Bursidae, Personidae, systematics, new records, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.

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Letters to the editor

Buccinum opisthoplectum collected from the Senkaku Islands

Isao KAWAKAMI and Yasuko F. ITÔ

Abstract We reconfirmed the collection locality of Buccinum opisthoplectum Dall, 1907 published in Kawakami & Itô (1996). The collector has again demonstrated that he collected the specimen clearly around the Senkaku Islands. Thus, it is certain that at least one species of the genus Buccinum is distributed in the southernmost part of the East China Sea.

Key words: Buccinum opisthoplectum, biogeography, distribution, Senkaku Islands, East China Sea

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