Important Notice

The Malacozoological Association of Yamaguchi has become the "Society for the Study of Molluscan Diversity" from 2009. See the Notice page for the details.

All descriptions on this page are only about MAY, but not about SMD.

Since the establishment in 1988, we have made activity for the research and the discussions concerning molluscs.
Every person who has interest in mollusks (shellfish) can join us. Or you may choose the membership only for the magazine "The Yuriyagai" subscription.

Base ground: Fukuda-Kaikan at Yamaguchi city, Yamaguchi Pref.

Purpose: Recognizing the wonderful of nature by enjoying the diversity and mysteries of molluscs through studying and conservation of them.


  1. Holding general meetings.
  2. Promotions for research and conservation of molluscs (e.g. observation, investigation, and research meeting).
  3. Issue of the magazine "The Yuriyagai" and the Newsletter.
  4. And the like.

Membership privileges: The regular member can participates in various our projects, and can receive the magazine "The Yuriyagai" and the Newsletter. The subscription member can continuously receive the magazine.