Prize for the excellent presentators in International Symposium at 3 Mar. 2018.

The following delegates were awarded for their brilliant-research presentations at International Malacology seminar held on 3 March 2018 in Osaka Museum of Natural History by the Society.

  • Best Research Award
    Tomoki Seo (Kindai University)
  • Research of Excellence
    Takeru Umemoto (Seifu High School)
    Yosuke Okumura (Kyoto University)

(alphabetical order)

Molluscan Diversity 5 (1-2) is out now.

Our Japanese journal, Molluscan Diversity Vol.5 Nos 1-2 has been published. The contents can be got in the page of Molluscan Diversity.

To purchase Molluscan Diversity Vol.5 Nos 1-2, please contact to the following address.

Minako Hanaoka, Secretary


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